Jan 26, 2017

Faux Mantel

Welcome home miss mantel!!! I have been scouring antique stores for 5 years now in search for the perfect mantel for our bedroom. We have this plain wall that we stare every night in bed and I have forever been daydreaming out putting a faux mantel there. It was a hard size to find, it couldn’t be too wide (door frames) or too tall (the light switch).

This little lady was waiting for me at the Lazy Daisy, that place is like crack for me so I can only go like 2x a year or I’d be broke. Someone had done a really cool antique blue paint job, but we needed to paint it white to fit our decor. I usually like to decorate with photos (obviously!) but we already have a ton of those on my dresser and we have literally NO plants in the house so for the sake of air purification I potted plants I found at Home Depot on clearance (now, let’s take bets on how long they live), the pots are from Hobby Lobby (did you know that their 40% off sales alternate every week, so if pots are not on sale when you go, just go back next week and they will be! You’re welcome.)

If you know me, you know I love a deal, discount stores, and DIY. So I found the angel wings (one for each of my babies) at Ross and spray painted them white. The metal arch is also from Ross and sprayed white. The boxwood wreath is from Target. The glass candle holders are a wedding gift (thanks, Laura!)  The clock is Marshalls, and the silver vase is Target.

My favorite part are the pillar candle holders I “invented.” Let’s use that term loosely. I wanted candles to where the fire should be, but didn’t want real candles or glass to be within reach of Noah. So I looked online for wooden candelabras and didn’t really see much, what I did like was crazy expensive. So I had a lightbulb moment, marched to Home Depot with kids in town and bought a $12 wooden beam and had the guy cut it into several sections. I combined a gray with walnut stain that I had leftover to make my own color. We already had the remote control candles. Voila!

I will probably rearrange it 15 more times but I love having something pretty and relaxing to look at at the end of the day. I especially love that it’s one of the few home projects that we’ve done that we can actually TAKE with us whenever we decide to move, yay!



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