Jun 26, 2017

Dombroski Family

Cue the trumpet when I find this in my box: “I really love this age and want to capture this crazy time in our life while we can. (I hate to admit I haven’t been in a family photo since you did our newborn pictures…yikes)  I am interested in more of an outdoor lifestyle session where we can just let the kids play, crawl, and dance around with us and I have no expectations of a posed photo with everyone looking at the camera.” I might have actually said out loud, “Hallelujah!” THIS is exactly what I love doing and where I feel I do my best work.  Capturing the love, connections and laughter is my favorite part of this job (but it doesn’t feel like work). Now of course it’s never a piece of cake. There was lots of thought put into the outfits and coordinating late nap times so we could hit the perfect golden hour. There was sweating on everyone’s part (because it’s June in the south!) Anytime there are young kids involved we all know there is lots of redirection and in desperate times, Chick-Fil-A bribery. But there was lots of laughter and natural smiles because mom and dad were calm, playful and having a good time so the kids followed suit. I know it’s hard to be chill when you’re in front of the camera in general but if you just grab a kid and hug them, sing their favorite song, swing them up in the air (because we all know they grow so fast and we won’t always be able to do this) I promise it will be easier (and more fun!) And when dad brought out his cowboy hat it was just the cherry on top. So if you want to capture the real moments and the love you have for your family, please, give me a hollar.



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