Nov 14, 2017

Hardy [Richmond Family Photographer]

Capturing a family of 3 girls always hits home because that’s what I came from. And these girls are some kind of well loved let me tell you! I think you can tell how fun loving this crew is from the pictures. My clients fill out a questionnaire before their session telling me a little about themselves and what kind of shots they are looking for.  I was overjoyed when they said “We don’t need a “ hallmark card” photo, we just want our crazy family that looks relaxed and fun. We will take anything you can get.” Yes! Photographing young kids never goes perfectly or smoothly or completely stress free. But when the pressure is off from not having to get that picture perfect shot there’s room to capture the real moments and genuine smiles that you’ll want to remember. To say I was in heaven with a fun (and impeccably dressed) family, at a gorgeous private property is an understatement! And having the full hour made all of the difference. We could explore many different areas when attention spans were gone and were able to stop for needed snack breaks. But for real, these outfits are on point, I think they nailed the coordinating without matching mission. The layers look awesome. And look at that french braid!



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