Mar 21, 2018

Mommy & Me Mini Sessions

Motherhood is such a wonderful job and gift. Being a mommy is the best thing many of us will get to do. We love these little beings with all of our hearts and souls and it deserves to be documented. I have had the desire to capture this love in a pure and simple way. Three years ago my sweet friend, Ginny, took our own “snuggle session” in our guest room and they are still some of my all-time favorite photos, just simple and sweet. Once my studio became a reality I’ve been able to capture other mommies with their babies too. Not surprising, now these are my favorite portraits! As moms we are typically the ones HOLDING the camera, therefore we are rarely IN photos. But let me tell you, your kids will appreciate you stepping out of your comfort zone to capture your connection at this age. It’s not always glamorous, it’s exhausting physically and mentally, but it is the best work we will ever do. Here are some favorites from my last round of “Mommy and Me Minis.” My favorite part is that you can really see how much these families truly love each other. There is not a lot of looking and smiling at the camera and that is beautiful! I am happy to do these anytime for you. The make a great gift (Mother’s Day is coming up, so start dropping hints!)




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