Jan 4, 2019

Best of 2018

Thank you all for the best year yet!  Pinching myself over here because I have the privilege of pursuing my passion while providing your families with legacies that will be cherished. When I look back at these highlights, yes, I see lots of smiles and coordinating outfits, some choreographed posing, but most of all I see so much LOVE. I’m thrilled that you have chosen to invest in your family, to capture whatever phase you are in. You won’t regret giving your kids these memories. I’m looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces again in 2019!

Fun Facts about 2018:

I share these numbers with extreme gratitude and overwhelming appreciation for my wonderfully loyal clients turned friends. Your kindness and support bless my soul and family tremendously.

261 sessions shot this year. Below I am sharing a highlight from each session. I wish I was able to do a full blog post for each and every session.

88 sessions were shot in my new home studio. The 15 second commute to work is a bonus that I will never take for granted.

53 sweet newborn babies who enamored me with their perfection and innocence. And christened me with their pee.

4,300 miles driven to and from locations across Virginia.



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