Jan 16, 2019

What’s in my Camera Bag [Accessories & Studio Gear]

I hope you enjoyed Part 1, a tour of my cameras, lenses, and external flash. Today I’m back with another peek into my toolbox -this time focusing on the  camera bags, accessories, and studio gear. I also have my one-stop shop here.


Kamrette Lyra backpack

This is my newest addition that I use exclusively. I get compliments on this bag every time I use it. This backpack allows me to be hands-free so I can carry props on location. It also helps distribute the weight evenly on my back which is much more comfortable. The padded dividers keep your gear safe, they are also movable so you can adjust the compartment sizes to suit your needs. It also has a space for my laptop! Bonus points for being really cute, people can’t tell it’s a camera bag. Also comes in gray.

Kelly Moore Libby

This is a great quality bag. I have the camel color, but it comes in several color. This brand is really popular among photographers. This thing can hold A TON – bodies, a few lenses, even my laptop! It also has the padded movable dividers to protect your gear. There are several exterior zippered pockets for smaller items like chapstick, phone, lens caps etc. Bonus points again for being super cute and not screaming “I’m a camera bag!”

ShootSac lens bag with a Tote & Shoot Camera bag

This incredibly light weight bag is great to use when on location and you just need to switch lenses. It’s made of neoprene (like a wet suit) so it’s  really stretchy. I used this a lot during weddings and have seen tons of other photographers with it too. I also have the outer shell camera bag. The lens bag is designed to fit inside this shell. I LOVE the easily accessible camera pocket.

Pelican 1510 Case

This thing is legit, hard core! Hard shell which is watertight, crush-proof and dust-proof, foam insert with moveable dividers. Great for traveling on airplanes, carry on size. It can be very heavy when loaded up with gear but the wheels and pull out handle make it easy to transport.




Studio Flash & Softbox

Paul C. Buff Einstein 640 flash unit – This is my studio light. I also use the Vagabond Mini battery pack so it doesn’t have to be plugged into the wall. It’s been nice to remove the trip hazard of a cord in the studio. The trigger mounts on top of my camera’s hot shoe mount and the receiver is hooked onto the flash. So when I push the shutter button to take a picture, my camera tells the flash to fire wirelessly.

PLM Umbrella System – My soft box set up is a massive 86″ white PLM umbrella, 86″ white PLM white diffusion fabric, 86″ black outer cover. This soft box goes on my light stand/studio flash. It diffuses the light and spreads it out so my subject is beautifully lit.

Rolling light stand

Since I have several shooting areas in my studio I am constantly moving the flash around. Having the light stand on wheels makes rolling it around my space a breeze. The wheels have locks. The stand height can be adjusted.

Rolling cart


 This is where I keep my newborn essentials easily accessible during sessions. This holds my posing beans, wraps, hand sanitizer, background clamps, pee pads, gloves, white noise machine and new pacifiers.

The Original Photoblocks Posing Beans

These are pricey but make life so much easier. Posing beans are used to prop baby comfortably into positions on the beanbag and in props. I have and love the rainbow posing beans, teddy bean, and E. Tole Pillow.




Best tool ever! Everyone needs an ExpoDisc! This sets your custom white balance in seconds wherever you are shooting – inside, outside, flash, natural light. One of my goals is to start using this at every session. It really cuts down on editing time!

Think Tank memory card case

Keeps all of my memory cards safe and organized. My trick to keep track of the cards – flip a card over when it’s full.

UV filters – You will need a filter for each of your lenses. I use these as protection from little fingers and scratches. They are much cheaper and easier to replace than an actual lens. (check sizes for each lens)

Wacom Tablet

I confess. I’m still struggling with the learning curve. People swear it makes editing so much faster. I have yet to re-train my muscle memory to use the pen vs. my mouse. I hope to report back soon that I have mastered it. I think I might actually need to go down from the medium size to small size. The buttons on the pad and pen are programmable to do different commands/tools. So its nice to have these quick keys handy for the tasks you use often.

Spyder 5 Pro

Calibrates your computer monitor so your colors are accurate.

Copper Pearl bandana bibs

(girls) (boys) I love their soft material and adorable prints. These make a great client gift for the newborn babies that they can use for the rest of the year.

That’s all for today folks! Stay tuned for part 3 and 4, coming soon!


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